Find out why our solution is unique

  • High-capacity, non-blocking, transparent optical switching
  • Best-in-class system longevity:
  • +50Y life-span, hardened
  • Modular design & range of fiber counts of physical size
  • Preserve optical connection during power-loss or maintenance
optical connectors
Automating Fiber Connections
PON Automated Optical Distribution Frame

Automated Optical Distribution Frame (AODF)

TeliSwitch’s Automated Optical Distribution Frame (AODF) family is designed to meet the challenges of automating fiber switching at layer-0 of communication networks, without compromising on optical performance.

Using opto-mechatronics-based architecture design, TeliSwitch’s AODF product family brings state-of-the-art automated optical connection management capabilities to telecom operators and data center administrators:

  • FTTH Access Networks
    • Adds flexibility to PON bandwidth allocation by implementing adaptive splitting ratios
    • Supports line and equipment protection
    • Indoor and outdoor 19” rack-mountable
  • Data Centers
    • Top-of-Rack (TOR) dynamic optical connections
    • Meet Me Room (MMR) remote networking
    • Remote connections in cages

News & Events

Nexans and TeliSwitch Automatic Optical Distribution Frame (AODF) put a robot in charge of fiber optic cross connections
February 18, 2014
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